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Do you find yourself asking these questions?

Will I outlive my money?

What is the best way to pay for senior care when I can’t take care of myself?

Can my parents take care of themselves without depleting their estate? 

What happens to my family and my business – both financially and emotionally, if something happens to me unexpectedly?  

Is my family able to settle the estate without liquidating family property for which I’ve worked so hard? 

What is the best way to avoid paying income tax on my Required Minimum Distribution and make a meaningful impact at the same time?

Answers that take into consideration both quality of life today and in the future have been my passion-driven goal for the past 27 years.

I start by working with clients to create a retirement plan that pursues several important goals:

  • Financial security with dignity in retirement
  • Sustaining inter-generational wealth for the benefit of a family legacy
  • Meeting personal philanthropic and community interests

After discovering your financial expectations and concerns, we work together to find the right plan which focuses on YOU achieving YOUR personal needs, wants, wishes and dreams. Afterwards, I manage the important money of loving families. I also implement cost-effective, state-of-the-art 401k plans for small businesses so their employees may plan better for retirement.

Earning your trust and confidence is paramount.   I spend time with you.   I present various objective options with the pros and cons of each.   At the heart of it all is the implementation of creative solutions across a variety of financial landscapes, with attention to simplicity, current tax law and the inevitable changing economic horizon.   Selfishly, this time of developing and nurturing a strong, lasting and positive relationship is the part of my work that gives me the greatest satisfaction.

Being independently owned and operated, I am not captive to any one company, product or service. Nor are there monthly quotas to meet, nor mandatory products to sell.   This gives me the latitude to select from whatever combination of financial strategies feel right for YOU.   ALWAYS.   Service and integrity are in my DNA.



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